Get Bill Gates Leadership Style Forbes Pics. With his wife melinda, bill gates chairs the bill & melinda gates foundation, the world's largest private charitable foundation. As a transactional leader, he made sure to visit the new products teams and inquire challenging questions to the point that would make him satisfied and ensure that the team are.

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Gates was both a transactional and transformational leader. Bill gates breaks down 6 moments from his life | wired. Bill gates' leadership style is a mixture of autocratic, participating and delegate so he can apply each style to the most suitable situation.

Though his attitude and leadership style may have come off as cocky to some, his dedication to innovation and design has surely benefited not only his.

Sunday times included his name in its power list in 1999. Those risks paid off for gates. The rise of bill gates is no different in terms of debating the born/became conundrum. Bill gates' another leadership quality and skill is he is a leader with possessing great vision.