Get Bill Gates Leadership Style Autocratic Background. Delegate style that is very important to recruit and keep the best gifted people in the software industry. If he were an autocratic leader he would have just made unilateral decisions without bending backward to explanation what is the difference between autocratic and authoritative leadership style?

There Live To Ready Bill Gates Leadership Style
There Live To Ready Bill Gates Leadership Style from

As leadership analyst, he has written for different topics including leadership styles and qualities, finance, and economics. Autocratic leadership can be defined as: Bill gates a machiavellian leader due to the various contributions that he has made in the world of technology.

He is regarded as a brilliant machiavellian leader who offers modern leadership.

Bill gates has been successful due his controlling management style. More frequent than the democratic one. As a transactional leader, he made sure to visit the new products teams and inquire challenging questions to the point that would make him satisfied and ensure that the team are. Bill gates has a transformational leadership style.