Download Blanchard 4 Leadership Styles Pics. Leadership style and the maturity level of those being led. A leader's primary concern lays with the task delivery and less with the personal needs of the subordinates.

Situational Theories Of Leadership Principles Of Management
Situational Theories Of Leadership Principles Of Management from

The authoritative leadership style is the mark of confident leaders who map the way and set expectations, while engaging and energizing followers along the way. ● how to apply situational leadership model to training Situational leadership is a management style developed by management gurus ken blanchard and paul hersey.

The attributes and styles of the followers.

Situation and contingency leadership hersey and blanchard. According to hershey and blanchard the main factors are independence and suitability. There are 4 leadership styles, which the challenge as a future situational leader is not so much this new leadership model but rather getting this model introduced into your team. The four styles of leadership are: