Download Big Band Leaders List Background. People or pages in big band leaders. The best big band artists are generally soloists, who had their time in the sun, and the bandleaders themselves.

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Well, for starters, any list of big band artists has to include the likes of benny goodman, duke ellington, louis. The following is a list of players and managers (*), both past and current, who appeared at least in one regular season game for the chicago white sox franchise. And from the big bands came swing, a phenomenon that briefly made jazz the most popular an excess of musicians looking for work brought down wages and made it easier for leaders to hire bands of a dozen or more.

Big band music page spans the big band era and beyond with a list of big bandleaders and their biographies plus historic jazz magazine articles including photos and musician information.

For assistance with this or related categories ask in g2g making sure to tag your question with categorization. Laurence cottle (laurence cottle big band) billy. Learn vocabulary, terms and more with flashcards, games and other study tools. Michael lamb (the strictly smokin' big band) 2.