28+ Hersey And Blanchard Four Leadership Styles PNG. Situational leadership theory categorises leadership styles into four categories: Based on these two factors, they directly link four situational leadership styles.

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According to this model, the most effective leaders are ones that can apply their leadership style to the task at hand, the nature of the group or. A leadership style they use in a wide variety of situations. It should be noted that a leader must be willing to be very flexible with respect to his employees.

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The importance of the research cannot be overestimated since leaders tend to have a dominant style; Hersey and blanchard model of situational leadership was developed in 1968 by paul hersey and ken blanchard, and was a basis for development of situational approach to management. Reflects a high concern for tasks and a low concern for people… hershey blanchard model. Leadership styles hersey and blanchard characterized leadership style in terms of the amount of task behavior and relationship behavior that the leader provides to their followers.