21+ Hersey And Blanchard Leadership Styles Pics. Below is an outline of hersey and blanchard's matched sets of four follower types with four corresponding leadership styles, in order of the. The s1 leadership style in the hersey and blanchard situational leadership model puts a high emphasis on directive behaviour and a low emphasis on supportive behaviour.

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S1 telling, s2 selling, s3 participating, and s4 delegating. Hersey and blanchard clearly mapped a progression of changing leadership styles in response to the tendency for people's maturity to increase over time. Going back to the 1970s.

Surprisingly, the research discovered that there is no one best style:

Going back to the 1970s. For hershey and blanchard, tasks are different and each type of task requires a different leadership style. A leader's primary concern lays with the task delivery and less with the personal needs of the subordinates. Hershey and blanchard s situational leadership model hershey and blanchard s situational theory of leadership is also grounded the four leadership styles, or choices of behavior, are as follows: