19+ Hersey-Blanchard Situational Leadership Model Examples Pics. Situational leadership® is a leadership model, which has been largely influenced and molded by its early developers ken blanchard and paul hersey. Although this leadership model may be sound in theory, it may not necessarily apply in every.

Situational Leadership Theory
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This approach to leadership suggests the need to match two key elements appropriately. Hersey and blanchard model of situational leadership was developed in 1968 by paul hersey and ken blanchard, and was a basis for development of situational approach to management. The hersey and blanchard model, for example, shows us different leadership styles and that as leaders we need to change the leadership styles to suit the followers, which is the only way for us to be effective.

According to this model, the leader has to match the leadership style according to the readiness of subordinates which moves in stage and has a cycle.

Leadership style and the maturity level of those being led. Situational leadership refers to when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his style to fit the development level of the followers he is trying to influence. Slt then adds a situational variable which hersey. Blanchard has collaborated with writers such as patricia and drea zigarmi, spencer johnson and mark miller, for example.