13+ Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership Course Background. As the name implies, leadership depends upon each individual situation, and no single leadership style can be considered the best. Situational leadership theory, or the situational leadership model, is a model created by paul hersey and ken blanchard, developed while working on management of organizational behavior.

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The s1 leadership style in the hersey and blanchard situational leadership model puts a high emphasis on directive behaviour and a low emphasis on supportive behaviour. During that fall ken heard from students and faculty what a fabulous organizational behavior course paul hersey taught. A leader's primary concern lays with the task delivery and less with the personal needs of the subordinates.

The model allows you to analyze the needs of the situation you're in, and then use the most appropriate leadership style.

The premise of this theory is that there is no best style of leadership which works effectively in all situations. In the ken blanchard companies' slii training program, managers learn to diagnose the needs of an individual and offer the appropriate leadership style to meet those needs. Ken in the management department and asked that he teach a course. , initially, paul was not an evolution of leadership theories hersey and blanchard continued to work together on the situational leadership'ill ' blanchard training and development, inc., downloaded from 125.